Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hubby has been visiting New York for a few days, and I've been hearing a near-continual refrain: where's the blog? Where's the knitting? And the cocktails? Well, there just hasn't been much of any of that lately. But I currently have some motivation to work on a new project - a baby blanket - for a little girl who is going to turn 1 before I know it. I don't think that the wedding "you get a year" rule counts for babies, and I'm heartily ashamed. But knitting on size 13 needles is fun, and working on some massive lace is pretty entertaining company while I'm watching the World Baseball Classic.

This afternoon I walked to the store to return a video rental, and the weather was typically Portland: windy and rainy on the way there, then sunny and sort of rainy on the way back. But there was a huge rainbow in the sky, and you can never see too many of those. So, did you miss me?