Monday, August 10, 2009

where have you gone, joe dimaggio?

What I've Not Been Doing

1. Traveling to Japan

2. Climbing Mount Hood

3. Drinking cocktails

4. Eating raw oysters and sushi

What I Have Been Doing

1. Buying a house

2. Packing up stuff and moving and unpacking

3. Knitting tiny bits

4. Growing a baby (see #3 and #4 above)

Hubby, it should be noted, has been highly involved with What I Have Been Doing, #1, #2, and #4, although the "growing" in the last one has primarily my responsibility. I would really like to be drinking cocktails, especially now that I have a nice backyard and table, and it's gin and tonic season; but as that is not allowed in my current condition, the bottles are still packed in the basement. I would also really love a spicy tuna roll with cucumber in brown rice and a half dozen oysters. But enough about the food I can't eat. (I could go on.)

We have a house that is lovely, and in a great neighborhood that is closer to work, so my commuting knitting time has been reduced. But I did finish some socks a few months ago!

This past weekend was the Sock Summit in Portland, and I am so lame that I did not register for a single class. I did go to the Marketplace and shopped for two hours, and bought more yarn than I have all year. (I have not bought much yarn at all.) It was very entertaining to hear about the declaration that last week was Sock Knitting Week in Portland, see lace shawls on the shoulders of people all over town, and have a nearly full-page, front-page article on the summit in the paper today.

As I start to slow down, thanks to my passenger, I think I will be knitting more. I have lots of ideas...