Tuesday, December 04, 2007

4,000 word (photo) essay

Forming actual words into complete-ish sentences is a bit beyond me today. (I do not like leaving for work before the sun has officially come up.* Also, there are very few women (maybe 5%?) on the 6:49 train into the city. Interesting. However, it is fun to write mean emails before 8am to colleagues who haven’t done what they said they’d done. I Am Awesome; You Are Not.)

*I was awake because of a nightmare about huge bugs (with 8” antennae) crawling into the bedroom through the air conditioner. Scary. I didn’t peak under the curtain that’s hiding the AC, because I really didn’t want to know if there were bugs.


Blinding Sock!

A possible replacement sweater for the very bulky yarn! (Berkshire pullover from Weekend Knitting)

And a very happy Hanukkah to y’all.


Claire said...

I'm the 6:53 am train. Blech, but there are women. Maybe it's a reflection of your neighborhood? (Stay at home moms and trophy wives?)
I find that the morning is probably the *worst* time for me to write e-mails (blackberrying on the train) b/c I am evidently quite grouchy. My boss pointed this out to me and coached me just to continue napping on the train instead. :)

Dipsy Doodle said...

Argh, that nightmare sounds yucky - bugs through the AC? My gosh, I get the horrors just thinking about it! But then again, you had the time to do some knitting then, hopefully that made you forget that nightmare quickly! ;)