Saturday, October 18, 2008

waiting pattern

Life is in a bit of a waiting pattern right now. Waiting for the election,

(this week's cover of the Willamette Week, the Village Voice of Portland), waiting for reports of all the fun that was had at Rhinebeck (the first one I've missed in years; last night Hubby commented that Oregon Flock and Fiber can't really compare to New York Sheep and Wool), and waiting to dive into the confusing cast off of my grandmother's shawl.

(My neat and tidy knit-2-togethers on the right, and sloppy slip-slip-knits on the left. I really need to experiment and find an alternative that is better for my knitting style.) Hopefully it will all block out and look lacy and lovely...

I did get to see Ann and Kay on Monday night at their reading/book signing, and took no pictures. It was quite entertaining to have Kay look over, furrow her brow, and say, "What are you doing here?" Many days, I ask myself the same thing.


guiltypleasures said...

The cover of that publication is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

For help with those SSK's, you might want to check out You Tube. Search for Cat Bordhi. She has quite a few videos, and one is regarding SSK's.

You *know* Kay?

Brenda said...

Great cover!

I often sl1 knitwise, k1 and psso instead of ssk. Gorgeous colors in the shawl.