Sunday, January 25, 2009

tap, tap: anyone there?

I spoke with two friends today, and both made comments about my lack of blog action in the past couple of weeks. And it's true, I just haven't had the drive to communicate about my knitting lately. But hearing that my readers are eager for more updates was a bit of a shove in the right direction.

The mornings are relatively chilly here in Portland, usually hovering just above freezing. My double-thick wool mittens aren't really necessary, nor are the polarfleece gloves, since I'm just walking and waiting for a bus. These mittens (Ann Budd's book of knitting patterns) are thin, but provide just enough warmth and coverage. They fit easily into my pockets when I get on the bus, and I'm quite happy with how they turned out.

I think I started them over a year ago, and got as far as the ribbing, and a couple of thumb gusset increases. They were so quick to make that I felt rather silly having them hang around as long as they did. The yarn is Diakeito Diamusee Fine - a Japanese import - and the color changes are subtle enjoyable to watch while it moves through your fingers. I got the yarn years ago in Cold Spring, NY at a shop that's sadly closed.

OK: I will pledge to post each day this week. There's actually a lot of knitting progress to show, s here goes!


Acorn to Oak said...

I love your new mittens. The colors and striping are beautiful!

I bet it feels good to have finished a project that's been hibernating for a while. I have one of those that I really need to work on and finsh too. I know I'll feel so good when it's done.

Congratulations! I can't wait to see what else you've been working on. :-)

Marianne said...

I love those mittens! The yarn is gorgeous. What were you doing in Cold Spring? I used to live there and I miss the Knittingsmith (the closed yarn store) as well.