Monday, January 26, 2009

warming hubby's feet

Hubby is wearing some new socks today.

Fun colors - just enough to keep things interesting, but very suitable for Hubby socks. It's Brown Sheep Wildfoote yarn, in Brown Sugar. One skein had flecks of green, but the other did not... even though they were the same dye lot. The second skein also had different patterning than the first, and I think you can see the difference between the two. But they are socks, and I think that they came out well enough. The yarn had been marinating in my stash since December 2006, and it was high time for it to get knit up.

(Post #2 of the week! I'm gonna do it!)


Acorn to Oak said...

Great socks! I love the colors and the striping. They look soft and comfy too. How odd that one skein had green flecks and the other didn't. I can't tell in the picture.

Brenda said...

Nice socks! I like the bright vs dark striping. Very weird about the color differences. It doesn't show up on the blog photo.

Claire said...

Those colors look very "hubby." And welcome back to blogging. :)