Monday, November 06, 2006

my life, of late

I've been working on an assignment for my stats/policy research class that I have found to be next to impossible. Really. I'm a smart cookie, but I've spent the last three days sitting in that empty space in front of the computer "desk". What do you need to get through this mess?

-A Kiri shawl (shown hanging off the futon) to ward off the chills.
-Every sheet of paper used in this class since the beginning of September.
-Multiple phones for making frantic calls to stats-savvy cousin for help. (Thanks, Marni!)
-Box of tissues for dealing with lingering, awful allergy issues; and for when you break down on the phone with Hubby and start crying that you want to quit school.
-Inhaler for when you hyperventilate after crying.

There is a little knitting over in the corner, but I really haven't touched it. When I'm falling into bed, I knit a couple of rows on some burp cloths. It's pitiful!

Thankfully the assignment must be finished on Wednesday, so then panic about the only exam in this class can start (exam on November 15). Cheers!

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