Tuesday, November 06, 2007

one present done!

I finished one more gift that's destined for the gift pile. Yes, that yarn should look familiar: it's the leftovers from the Tilted Duster. I'm rather happy to be finished with that bag o'yarn. There was a lot of yardage in there.

Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf by helloyarn Adrian
Yarn: Rowan Magpie Aran, 2.5 skeins or so
Needles: Size 8 bamboo straights

It's a pretty long scarf, but only took a week or so to finish. I started it when some friends were over for dinner on a Friday night; we were just sitting around talking, and my fingers were itching to do something. (They were pretty impressed with how far along I got while we were talking wedding plans!) I think that I am a bit nuts to try and get so many gifts done before Christmas... but I'll give it my all! I'm working on a little fetching item right now for another gifty.

Yes, Mom, you were already on the list of gift recepients.


Nora said...

This is one of my favourite patterns - I just wish we'd get more than 2 weeks scarf weather per year!

~Kristie said...

What a wonderful gift. The yarn looks fab, but you can't ever go wrong with Rowan.

Brenda said...

You are speedy! I take back the crazy comment from your previous post. The scarf looks great!