Monday, April 14, 2008


Frick is my word of the week. Right now, the process of moving is all down to the gritty details, which is causing me to raise my voice in frustration rather often. However, this morning I divested myself of the most annoying part of my job*, and will now be concentrating only on finishing up larger projects and clearing out eight years of accumulation in my cubicle. I also need to figure out how to bring home a large framed picture from work – on the train. I wonder where my bubble wrap went to?

*annoying part of my job = part of my job that involves dealing with people

My going-away party is Wednesday afternoon, and I should prepare some sort of farewell speech. If there are any suggestions for witty and clever so-long tidbits to sprinkle into the standard “It’s been such a transformative experience to work with a fantastic group of dedicated colleagues” crap-o, do leave them in the comments. I’m thinking of going along the lines of “So long, suckers!” but I’m willing to entertain other ideas.

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Anonymous said...

I love the word frick. I used to use it all the time .. until I left out the "ri" and replaced it with the "u".

Farewell speech? Unfortunately the only thing I can recommend is make it short. That way the drinking can begin sooner. ;-)