Friday, April 25, 2008

we have arrived!

Just a quick note to announce that we've arrived in Portland, and that all is going well.  We don't have any chairs, but did manage to buy a bed yesterday, so at least we've got somewhere to sleep.

It hasn't rained the entire time we've been here either!  

Two women are knitting and crocheting (separate) blankets across the coffeeshop from me, so me and my sock feel right at home.  We are heading to Close Knit this afternoon, where I need to purchase the pattern for Felted Clogs and yarn, because our house is chilly chilly chilly.*

This weekend should allow for more writing time.  Check back soon.

*We are testing the waters with this thing called a thermostat.  What is this device?  You can tell it the temperature you'd like the house to be at, and it responds.  You don't need to open a window to make it cooler.  However, we don't really know what 62 means, and it turns out that it is rather cold for a house temp.  We turned it up after a while, but I still need slippers.


Nora said...

Have fun settling in! :)

Claire said...

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!
That's so funny, I never realized that you didn't have a thermostat in NY! I can't wait for more posts as you two acclimate to life outside "the City."
We like 70 degrees for our home when it's cool or cold outside, but my guess is that you guys will tolerate cooler.

Mintyfresh said...

congrats, and good luck settling in! i'm bummed we didn't get to have more lunches.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the West Coast!! Thankfully the felted clogs don't take too long to knit and your feet will be warm soon. I hope the good weather holds out for you and the unpacking and such goes well.