Saturday, April 12, 2008

spring cleaning

Today is devoted to cleaning out and making some space. Dresser drawers, and the pile of unfinished knitted objects that have been lingering for too long. Of primary importance, I needed to finish the Clapotis scarf that I started on Oscar night. I'd done some of the decrease section, but was really worried about running out of yarn. So foolishly, I just left the project in a bag for weeks.

The yarn is Handmaiden Silk Maiden, a wool and silk blend. I only found one other match for this colorway on Ravelry (surprising!), so my running-out woes were only compounded by the lack of availability. There was no colorway name, and I've decided that it's most appropriately called Bruise. After one particularly ouchy volleyball game this year, my left knee was all of the colors in the yarn: brown, black, blue, and purple. Maybe that's why it wasn't too popular?

I bought the yarn for the wrong reason: I'd just had the first thesis project meeting for grad school, and I could tell that things weren't going to go well. It was pure retail therapy, and a substitute, because Downtown Yarns didn't have an Sea Silk in stock. So I bought this (relatively) small and expensive skein of yarn. However, I did get a fairly nice gift out of it for some lucky person.

There's not much left! I wasn't kidding.

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Anonymous said...

Your Clapotis looks great!! I can't believe you came so close though on the yarn. Yikes!