Tuesday, July 08, 2008

growing, growing

My pots of herbs out front aren't growing so well (how is it that I can't even grow mint?), but the Icarus Shawl is expanding. I've finally memorized the pattern, and I'm making progress. The pictures of this aren't going to be exciting at all, but this will be the last one until I reach some fancy border action.

So, next week it turns out that I'm going to be back in New York (work stuff, but time for visiting, too). I never thought that I'd be back, especially less than three months after moving. On my agenda: the waterfalls, bagels, pizza, and Momofuku Ssam. I'm not really sure how to fit in all of my food requirements, but an unlimited Metrocard seems like it will be key.

Oh, and the personal fireworks displays here over the weekend were very freaky for me, coming from a state where they aren't allowed. People can buy and set off huge blasts. So scary. It really is the wild west!

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Mintyfresh said...

enjoy the trip! the waterfalls are ho-hum, i'll warn you! I've got Momofuku Ssam on my list, too.