Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hello, internets

I had a week of good food - lentils and kale and very tasty wine and fresh roasted beets. It's very easy to eat well when the farmer's markets are so filled with great fresh vegetables.

There was one bump in the healthy road, when Hubby and I went to a lounge for some drinks and a little dinner. The Sapphire Lounge used to be a House of Ill Repute, but they make some very tasty cocktails. There was the Lounge Singer, with fig-infused bourbon and pomegrante juice - a sort of Manhattan. And there was also the Concierge: cucumber-infused gin with Pimms', lemonade, and ginger beer. One of the lovely things about Portland is the relative affordability of cocktails. Most cocktails here cost around $8, and are almost always made with very high-quality ingredients. My trip to New York reminded me that it's quite un-extraordinary to pay at least $12 for a drink. And don't get me started about the specials on beer during happy hours: it's crazy cheap! Portland is nice...

The week wasn't the best for me, spirits-wise, but I'm feeling much better now. Over the weekend I attended the Pacific Northwest Salmon Bake that was part of the International Pinot Noir Celebration. I loved seeing the salmon lined up on their stakes. It isn't the most gentle cooking method, but it's just a great image that I could deal with overcooked salmon.


Brenda said...

I'm glad you are getting such good and tasty food to eat, and the cocktails sound intriguing. I'm glad your spirits are improving! I hope all continues well.

Anonymous said...

The cocktails in NY are $12? Yikes! I thought $8 was high, but now I'm rethinking that.

Mmmm... salmon. Can you believe that most of the salmon here in CA is from the atlantic coast? Ick. I've had a helluva time finding decent salmon. I miss the pacific northwest. :-( I'm glad you're living life there to the fullest though. Yum!