Wednesday, July 02, 2008

we made it!

Leaving the town of Napa earlier this week, we hit a milestone.

100,000! The car made it, through fires and smoke (OK, we weren't really close to the fires, but there was a lot of smoke), and the heat.

We won't be doing that drive again. I will purchase carbon emission offsets to make up for the fact that we'll fly. But with gas prices what they are, we didn't save a heck of a lot of money by driving.

I finished a pair of socks, which previously were my "Emergency Office Socks", to pinch hit should I run into a knitting emergency at work and need something to do on my commute. Since my commute now involves going into our dining room, it was time to get them finished. I do love me some Regia sock yarn, and happened to acquire some more while we were away.

I also continued to have lace problems with Icarus, and the other socks I started were pooling rather unpleasantly. But I pulled out a long-lingering hat, and have been cruising along happily there. It's time to catch a bus downtown, so I'm packing up my projects and hitting the road (again).


Andrea said...

love those socks!! so simple, but so comfy-looking. what's your pattern?

I'm going to have to overcome my fear of socks at some point soon. my curiosity is getting the better of me. I have no fear of round knitting, heaven knows -- it's more a fear of tiny needles and fine yarn. I'm a slow knitter. Need more positive feedback than a bunch of itty-bitty stitches could provide.

Mintyfresh said...

I've never had a car, but it's so exciting to watch them turn over past these milestones! great socks.

Anonymous said...

Should I even ask how you managed to take a photo of your dashboard while driving 50 mph? ;-)

The socks are great. Regia seems to be the best wearing socks for sure.

BTW, I just booked an airline ticket to Portland in August.