Thursday, September 25, 2008

double skein september

Last week, I needed some mindless knitting that wasn't on size 0 needles. A few months ago, I made most of a Bainbridge Scarf (everything but the ties), and then ran out of steam. It sat in the cupboard, lumpy and not terribly happy. So, I yanked it all out and wound it up into a ball, and started a simple seed stitch scarf. I had another skein upstairs, and I had found my mindless, not-small knitting!

You know how they say you always need to wash and dry yarn that's been ripped from another project before starting over? The first half of the scarf, made with the frogged yarn, was kind of bumpy (see scarf half on left). I thought it might be my tension, but never the fact that I didn't follow the knitting rules about washing the yarn. So when I started the second half with the fresh skein and it was smooth sailing (see scarf half on right), I knew that I might be in for a world of hurt.

Happily, the fates smiled upon me, and once completed and soaked, the scarf turned out just fine. Smooth, mossy alpaca goodness. This is destined for the holiday gift pile, and should be lovely to wear come January.


Brenda said...

Seed stitch is my favorite stitch. It just looks great to my eyes. Nice scarf!

I usually don't wash the yarn after ripping, unless I'm ripping something that was knit up for a long time. So far I've been lucky.

guiltypleasures said...

I don't usually wash my ripped out yarn either. I'm sure the knitting gods will smite me sometime, but hopefully it will be on small easy project.

That's the perfect scarf for a man or a woman. You could gift that to anyone and they'd love it. Shall I send you my address? LOL