Monday, September 18, 2006

another week, another game

Time for the Yankees! Baseball is really my sport. I lurve the Yankees. As we enter the post-season, dear readers, please be prepared for lots of Yankees posts. Should a loss occur (which it totally won't this season), also prepare for a few days of mourning.

Above, we have Chen-Ming Wang's fan club. It's not a great picture (sorry), but they were all decked out in Wang jerseys, waving Taiwanese flags, and standing up whenever their boy hit the field. I'm a big Wang fan too, and was excited to see him pitch. He normally gets lots of infield grounders, which makes for an exciting game. Saturday afternoon, not so much.

Look! It's Joe Torre and Terry Francona shaking hands!

Sadly, we were sitting above the Yankees' dugout, so I could only get a picture of the evil Sox's dugout.

I still got that chill when I walked out of the tunnel and into the seating area. I can't believe it's being replaced. This will be the last sporting event featured for a while. Unless, of course, I get another invitation. ;)

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margaux said...

I completely HEART the Yankees TOO! I cannot believe they're building another... seems so weird! I cannot believe I haven't been to a game this season... I'm so jealous! FUN!