Thursday, September 21, 2006

more baby gifts!

This was a nice, quick knit... although figuring out how to attach the hood to the sweater took me a while. It's made from Cotton-Ease (I actually used some stash yarn!) with the Hooded Sweater pattern from Debbie Bliss' Special Knits. The pictures below give a more accurate color.

Hubby did the style shots with the sweater-on-Teddy. With hood, and without!

This is for the baby of a former co-worker. It's the 6-9 month size, and based on my date with an 8-month-old yesterday, I think the size is pretty accurate. Of course, Dad is 6'5", so the little guy has the potential to grow faster than normal. I ran into Dad on the street recently, and had forgotten just how tall he is. It's a little shocking to have to look up so much when talking to him.

I'm behind just one baby present (I think) at this point. But I've started the MDK Kimono Sweater for her, and should hopefully get some work on it done soon. I've got a conference call this afternoon, so I'm taking over an office with no windows, putting on the speaker phone, and working on the orange/purple socks for an hour or so. Yippee!

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