Tuesday, September 05, 2006

what i bought on my summer vacation

I had a little Regia fest in Germany. It was pretty easy to find yarn, which I feared was going to be challenging. The yarn on the bottom row was from Bernkastel. The shop was 25% yarn and 75% tourist tchockes... a very unusual combination. I'm particularly excited about the black Silk. The Crazy Color in the top left was from Trambach. It was the second store we found, and I just couldn't leave without a little something! The final purchase was in Trier, where the allure of Bamboo sock yarn was too much. And I got the yellow/green/blue just to balance out the very warm colors I'd already stuffed in my suitcase. Everything in balance, right?

Hubby will be guest posting in a few days with a complete wrap-up of our trip, including a list of every wine we tasted. Be forewarned: it's going to be an impressive list. Now, I'm looking forward to the season premier of House, which was featured on Continental's in-flight entertainment options. I got to see six episodes on the planes, and I think that I love me some Hugh Laurie.

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Megan said...

Ooh, bamboo yarn! Is it more like cotton or silk?

P.S. - House is the best show on T.V. right now, IMO.