Monday, September 24, 2007

joba rules

Yesterday, we got to take in the last Yankees home game of the season. Before the game, there was a lovely tribute to Phil Rizzuto, and his good friend Yogi Berra was there! I love the grounds crew and their YMCA dance between the 6th and 7th innings.

The future of the Yankees, pitching for his first save, on his 22nd birthday. Joba! Joba! Joba!

Good game, good game.

To clear up any misconception about the events occuring in New York right now: I'm all for free speech. All kinds of it. That's the good thing that sets us apart from countries like Iran. I'm totally fine with Columbia's decision to invite Ahmadinajad to speak. In fact, I liked the pieces I heard on the radio; in particular, when the place erupted in laughter when el Presidente said that there were no homosexuals in Iran. When was the last time 600+ people laughed in the face of Ahmadinajad? I'm sure it wasn't very recent, and I think that it was EXCELLENT that it happened here.

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~Kristie said...

GO ANGELS!! (and Yankees too)