Wednesday, September 19, 2007

out of it

I'm out of the groove, it seems. Being back at work, and trekking through midtown Manhattan seems a lot more tiring than I remember it. I was also very confused by the sight of flowery taxis when I returned on Monday. What gives? Ah, this. I thought it was to mark the cabs with the GPS devices or something. It's also supposed to be about celebrating 100 years of motorized taxis. It's not terribly diginified.

However, I AM into the Tilted Duster. The back and two fronts should be finished by tonight. The miles of skirt on the sweater will not be as zippy, I fear. On the right front, my ssk seem very prominent, and I might rip it out and fiddle with them to be less obtrusive. The Backyard Leaves ssk were done slightly funky ... and now I can't remember how to do it any other way.

Research! I would have done so last night, but suddenly remembered after arriving home at five minutes to 7 that Hubby and I had RSVPd to attend an admissions recruitment event for our alma mater. Which started at 7, and was 15 minutes away. We got on the road and weren't that late, but it made for a panicky evening. And dinner at 10pm.

But the Yankees won again!


~Kristie said...

I think they should have skipped the paint job and just disabled the horns. That would've had everyone celebrating!

Good think you remembered when you did!

GO ANGELS! (and Yankees)

Brenda said...

I kind of like the taxis, but it looks like something more from the 60's or 70's.

Fast work on the tilted duster. Looking forward to pictures! Nona at has a techniques post on left-slanting decreases in her right sidebar. I like Sl1 (knitwise), K1, PSSO. That's easier for me than SSK and in my hands is less noticeable.

Dipsy said...

I for one quite like this flowery taxi-style, at least it's a bit of color in this grey world! But it looks pretty hippie-ish indeed ;)
Oh, and Go Yankees! ;)

Bonne Marie said...

I'm not sure about the flowery cab thing having just experienced one of the most surly rides ever...

Flowers = Grumptastic Cab/Driver?!?!?!!?!

[Nice sentiment though]

Nora said...

Oh, what a fantastic idea! The cabs looks great. We should do something similar down here!