Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the coast

This is why we decided to leave Portland for the weekend:

Photo taken shortly before we left that afternoon. We have no air conditioning, and it had been nearly that hot for two days. When we returned and saw some friends at a party on Sunday afternoon, one said that she slept on her cool-ish ceramic kitchen tiles Saturday night, because the heat was unbearable.

But the coast was pretty magical... and cold.

We watched the surfers at the beach above for a while.

And finally saw the ocean, after the incredible morning fog lifted.

We were lucky to have such a clear day on Saturday, because Sunday was so foggy that the huge Haystack Rock was almost entirely hidden. You could make it out once you were on top of it, but it was quite disorienting to walk along the beach, knowing that a 235' rock was just in front of you, and not be able to see a thing.

I loved the coast, and can't wait to go back. But I'll bring some more sweaters, and a wind jacket. Those Alaskan breezes are really something.

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Anonymous said...

I would've left town also. That's way too hot for the pacific northwest.

Beautiful photos of the beach. Which one were you at? I've not heard of Haystack Rock.