Friday, August 15, 2008

hippo birdie

I celebrated a birthday this week, by eating at one of the country's best restaurants on Birthday Eve. Our server was a hoot, and graciously allowed me* to take home half of my entree for lunch on the big day itself. The meal was the finale of the brother and sister-in-law's visit, and I think that we showed off Portland quite nicely.

*Le Pigeon does not work like most restaurants. The philosophy of "the customer is always right" is not in the house, shall we say. The menu says substitutions politely declined, but I've heard that it's not always so polite. I was pleasantly surprised that they did doggie bags.

Portland is currently in the middle of a heat wave (101 today, so I'm working from the laptop in our basement living room, which we set up during the last warm spell - yay for a strong wireless signal!) and so we are decamping to the coast for the weekend. It's never more than 80 out there, and windy. I'm hoping that we can spend all of tomorrow walking the beach, freezing our toes off when we dare to step in the water, and hiking around state parks. Maybe one of these days I'll actually pick up some knitting, but I wouldn't hold one's breath.

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