Thursday, August 07, 2008

is it me?

Two days ago, just after convincing myself that I should knit like crazy on the Big Black Blob to finish it by Tuesday, I decided that I wanted to knit on bigger needles and with very colorful yarn.

So, off I went on a Placket-Neck Pullover (or whatever it's called - you know, that pattern from Purl that was published with so many errors that they had to release it for free because knitters were threatening to throw the book through windows) in Mirasol Hacho... the Tutti Frutti colorway.

Last night I worked on the little sleeve, starting a new ball of yarn. I hadn't felt well earlier, and thought that my eyes were tricking me, because the sleeve looks like a very different color from the body of the sweater. In today's daylight, it's a very different color.

I'll start the other sleeve using the third ball of yarn. Right now, I'm not sure if it's just a function of a much smaller tube diameter from body to sleeve, or if the dye lots (which match according to the labels) are just a bit screwy. Any ideas?

[ETA: Now that I look at that first picture, it seems like the top ball is much darker than the others - so was that the oddball? (Ha!)]


Anonymous said...

The top ball most definitely is darker than the others. I seem to run into this all the time with hand dyed yarns. You *may* want to rip back and alternate skeins. It's a pain in the you know where, but if you don't you may regret it. Ask me how I know.

Brenda said...

I agree with guiltypleasures on this one. The colors are very pretty, but that top ball is very different.

If I "hibernate" a project on Ravelry so I can concentrate on others, within a week I'll be knitting only on the hibernating project--unless of course I try to trick myself deliberately.