Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Snow White

NYC really shines when it snows. That is, until the trucks start driving again, and the lovely blanket of white turns to nasty, dirty slush. I was at a meeting today and a guest from Cleveland said that she had always thought that her city was the Slush Capital of the World, but learned that New York holds that title too. Only the best, I say.

St. Patrick's spires looked great on Monday morning,

but this guy looks like he could use a nice cozy fire.

Central Park was closed to cars yesterday morning, so it was even better than usual. This time last year, the Gates were just coming down. I spent a lot of time in the park during that two-week period and loved every minute. But this year's snowfall was lovely in its own pristine way.

Knitting and cocktails to arrive soon. Really!

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