Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wrap up in your woolies!

We've officially got a blizzard going on here in the greater New York City area. It's about time, since we've really only had one snowfall this winter (that I can recall). During that first weekend of December snow, my hubby was trying to fly back to NYC in time for his office holiday party, I was trying to make appearances at that and a friend's baby shower (both starting at 4pm), and New York was freaking out because of white stuff floating around. At times like that, I encourage people to move to Virginia if they can't take snow. Even taking global warming into account, this is New York, people. Suck it up. However, I heard that there was 22.8" of snow in Central Park at 10am. That's nothing to sneeze at, even for this Adirondacker.

Since it's finally winter, here's one of my favorite scenes from New York during this season. During November and December, when my mood is never very cheery, seeing the camels out for a morning stroll around Rockefeller Center makes my day.

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