Saturday, October 14, 2006

melody's shawl

Started just before vacation, I'm done with Melody before Rhinebeck. This was one of my purchases last year, and I really wanted to have at least one item knit out of the yarn I purchased in 2005. With only a week to go, I'm not going to get anything else finished, unfortunately.

See the "steek" here, running vertically where the needle is clinging to 16 stitches? You have to pull the needle, and then unravel all of the stitches from the bind off to the cast on edge. It's scary. The Morehouse laceweight is a pretty grabby yarn, and it actually takes longer to unravel than you might think. It gives me hope that the steek will hold.

Hubby holds out the shawl with the unraveling completed. Now is the moment of truth; the time to undo the Mobious loop I created accidently. It's time for the scissors.

When we moved into this apartment, my mother did some slipcovering for us. She was pretty horrified at my scissors, and said that I needed proper sewing shears. I don't really sew, and told her so... but look what appeared under the Christmas tree a few months later! They worked really well, though.

A quick model, pre-blocked. The loopy fringe made me pretty happy, but I know that it will hang out eventually.

Jump to Saturday morning. Hubby walked by the kitchen and asked what I was marinating in the big bowl. I didn't soap the water at all, mainly because I didn't have any woolwash...oh. Except for the Woolite. Whoops.

And finally, the shawl. It blocked out to the specified measurments very easily (16" by 80"), and I didn't even need pins. It was very well behaved, through the whole process.

To celebrate, I ordered a new coat. It should arrive in time for Rhinebeck next weekend. Last year I didn't wear any handknits, and I'm going to be looking for compliments this year.


Anonymous said...

Here's your first compliment: that's really beautiful! Funny about the marinating question from hubby.

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