Tuesday, October 10, 2006

there has been knitting...

Between the holidays and a ton of assignments and too much work, I haven't been too diligent at posting lately. (Oh, and there was a bad cat-induced allergy attack that knocked me out for a few days entirely.) But I have been knitting in little bits here and there.

First up, the August socks are finished! Woo hoo! One might wonder why you can't see the toes of the socks in the picture. Well, it's 'cause I haven't grafted the toes yet. It's my MO: put that off until there are three pair of finished socks waiting to be finished.

My other piece of vacation knitting is almost completed as well. The Melody's Shawl from Morehouse is getting huge, and the massive ball of yarn is getting pretty tiny! At some point this week, I will probably cast off, cut it between the "steek", and block over the weekend. I'm still scared about the cutting...

And I've started my September socks. I'm using Trekking (#101, I think) and the Jaywalker pattern, and I'm really please at how they are turning out. So much so that I bought another skein of Trekking (that's #107, again, I think) on Saturday.

Finally: happy anniversary, Hubby! It's been a great seven years. Let's do it again.

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