Friday, October 13, 2006

movie week

NYC is hopping with movie shoots this week. I've walked through two sets since Tuesday. The first, for this, had almost all of Washington Square Park blocked off, making me very late for class. It was a bad day; I yelled at a couple of lowly production assistants who wouldn't let me get to class. The movie business is rough.

This morning I walked by this on my way to work. I'm happy to report that no telephones were thrown at my head for daring to walk down 55th Street. Alas, no Denzel sightings either, but I thought that George C. Wolfe was coming out of a trailer.

In sock knitting news, I'm on the heel of Trekking Jaywalker #1. I haven't done a flap heel in quite a while, and yikes: they take forever! But I decided to do the pattern as written, so I'm flapping away. These socks are going to be cooooool.

UPDATE: I just walked by Bono outside of the CNN studios. Signing autographs, with two very tense looking security guys. Boys, 58th Street isn't so rough: relax. Bono appeared to be my height. I hope that I see Vince Vaughn in Chicago over Thanksgiving, so I can finally see a tall celebrity.

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