Monday, July 24, 2006

another monday, another baby

Walking to work today, I ran into a former co-worker who left the office about a year ago. He's doing an MBA at night, and as of last Thursday, added Dad to his list of responsibilities. It was a boy, and I forgot to ask the name, because Dad followed up the "Yes, everyone's doing fine," answer with:

"And Mom is taking the Bar exam tomorrow and Wednesday."

I was so flummoxed by that that I forgot to ask the name of the little guy. Is this the 21st century equivalent of having a baby at the side of the field and then grabbing the reins to continue plowing? Yikes.

So, I need some knitting inspiration. I'm almost done with Southern Baby's blanket, and the blankie for Urban September Baby is near completion as well. (Can't discuss yet; Mom's a reader, and pregnant women love surprises, I hear.) So what do I do for this new little one? I have a pretty large stash of Cotton-Ease, if that helps. Any suggestions welcomed!

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