Friday, July 28, 2006

the month of fun commences

Last night was going to be fun fun fun. I was going to explore a used bookstore, pick up a New Yorker, then head to a nice Italian joint for drinks and a date with Hubby.

Things didn't work out exactly as planned. The bookstore was closed for a private event. As I headed to the B&N to get my New Yorker, I noticed lots and lots of lightning. Scary lightning. A relative of Hubby's just had a lightning-struck tree crash into their roof (everyone is fine; the roof was not and their three cars were totaled), so I was a little freaked to be walking around in a potential storm... with no umbrella. I did manage to get my New Yorker, and headed to the restaurant where Hubby and I were supposed to meet up. It was packed. Crazy crowded. What gives? The last time I was there it was quiet, and I had a great conversation with the bartender. When was I there last? Oh. December 21, 2005. Ring any bells? Lunchtime on the first day of the transit strike. That would explain the quietness. The music and the be-seen crowd drove me away.

I couldn't get Hubby on the phone, which caused ever-increasing levels of panic on my part. Of course, everything worked out fine. I gave a group of Spanish tourists directions. ("We were told to go to Greenwich Village. Where is it?" We were at the corner of 4th and Broadway; there's no charm there, for sure. I sent them on their way.)

So. Hubby and I meet up, I explain that we weren't going to Otto that night. It's sort of raining, we're standing on the street trying to figure out where to go. My mind is a complete blank. Hubby's palm pilot (with Zagat) crashes. Time Out is too overwhelming. Hubby asks if I remember the name of the wine bar that he emailed me earlier in the day. Of course not! I'm thinking that I just want to get in the car and go home. But. I'm hungry! I take a chance and say that I want a slice of pizza and we head east.

A block and a half later, we come across the wine bar Hubby had emailed about. It's quiet, has little tables protected from the rain, and has space for two slightly weary people who need food. Frankly, it's all we need. A bottle of bubbly rose makes things much better. The appetizer is amazing. A night that was full of promise, then crashed and burned, was redeemed.

It was pretty wonderful, because Hubby and I don't excel at being spontaneous. But it worked! An excellent start to the Month of Fun.

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