Saturday, July 08, 2006

this week in knitting

A stats exam on Tuesday is cutting into my knitting time, but over the past week I've gotten some knitting time in. A new Koigu sock is half and inch short of needing a heel turned. I think that I'm going to try just using yarnovers and not purling through the back loops for this pair... unless it looks icky. I'm not totally happy with how the heels are currently turning out. Also on the needles is a start of a blanket for a new baby. We got the yarn during our stay in the city.

What is the deal with the Sassy Skein from the Key West Karibbean Kotton Kollection? (Usings the Ks in the names is so annoying. Roger Clemens named his children with names that don't normally start with Ks to signify strikeouts. In this instance, I have no idea why they did such a thing.) As far as I can tell, it's just Takhi Cotton Classic rewound into balls of greatly varying weight. I got 10 balls, and the weights range from 58 grams to 42 grams (thanks, kitchen scale!). It's fine for this project, but I should mention it to the yarn shop owner? It seems so strange. But if I bought just enough yarn for a project and got balls with almost 20% less per skein, that would be a problem. Of course, a bunch of them have more than 50 grams...

One other strange thing: the names of the yarns. The orange one is called Mango, and the yellow is Papaya. If I recall my fruits correctly those should be reversed. What's up this yarn?

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