Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i don't do surprises

There was nothing surprising in An Inconvenient Truth, but everyone should go see it anyway. I had to scold a teenager (sitting next to a related adult, for pete's sake) for playing with the velcro on his sandal for about five minutes. It was REALLY loud. There were lots of irritated turns-of-the-head being made around us, so I felt empowered to tell the kid to Knock It Off. I think that's exactly what I said, too.

(I'm no fun to be around. Goodness.)

But because I don't do surprises very well, I'm really happy that Slate has introduced a new podcast, the Spoiler Special. I rarely get around to seeing movies (clearly, I just saw AIT this weekend) and just want to know the essential bits. Now I don't have to see the Pirates movie! Yippee!

Countdown to summer vacation: 46 hours and I'm done.

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