Sunday, July 16, 2006

friday afternoon shopping spree

Seriously, this yarn buying thing has to stop. I don't knit. There's no time. I did a preliminary pull of books to take on vacation, and there are tons of contenders. I should read! But instead, I buy yarn. But there was a "moving" sale at Suss Designs, and it was right next to school, where I had to go anyway...

So, to start: since everyone is having babies, I got two wee little skeins of the lurveliest Lorna's Laces. They will make great booties. It's 70% alpaca, and 30% merino... I think. They are in the other room and the air conditioner is in here. I will stay here.

Who doesn't need some Lamb's Pride bulky, especially at 50% off? Excellent to have around, for felting projects, or since the colors I found point to it, Christmas stockings? That might be a lot of fun to make. Of course, I have some of the Valley Yarns line for a felted bag, and Lamb's Pride in blues and purples, too. As soon as it cools down I'll consider felting. The prospect of holding wool is scary.

Ah, mohair! What in the world am I going to do with that? I'm not certain myself. The red was so vibrant and just marvy. I adore the combo of light blue and brown, so I grabbed these two as well. Can one do a brioche stitch with mohair? No clue, but I like the idea of having something reversable. I just need to get a brown coat.

Finally, since it was so hot out, and cotton is the fiber of choice for the moment, I got some of Suss' cotton. Again, no specific project in mind, but I think I might have enough for a tank for me, or a dress for a little girl. It can percolate in the stash until the right project comes along. The listed gauge is 3.5 stitches per inch, which seems odd. It might be a touch obscene, actually, to wear a garment at that gague. I'll have to play around with it at some point.

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