Wednesday, July 26, 2006

countdown to FUN

Tomorrow night is my last class, and the countdown to a month of fun and socializing has already begun. Plans are being made all over the place, and at this rate, I'll be exhausted to start school after Labor Day. But I say: Bring. It. On. I need fun! I deserve fun.

Today, the baby avalanche continued. An absolutely beautiful picture of my now 6-month old friend (who received the mitered square blanket) started out the morning. It was so cute that I could do nothing but plotz for about an hour. After I started thinking that I really should get cracking on some work (since it was waaaay past time to do so), another picture arrived of a friend's new niece. Very cute as well, and caused more ohhing and ahhing. Finally, work commenced, and at the end of the day, Former Co-Worker that I saw on Monday emailed pictures of his new addition to the family... and then I basically gave up. What do you do in the face of so much hope and promise in a new generation?

I went to yoga, for the first time since September, I believe. (I will be crawling to work tomorrow.) It's pretty much the same crew from when I would go three times a week, and they were so welcoming. Lots of gentle inquiries about how things were going, etc. and made me realize that I really really really need to make it a priority to go.

To file under "Let's Go Yankees!": this morning I saw a guy with a t-shirt that said, "Maybe there wasn't a Curse after all," on the front. I made sure to take a quick glance after I passed him. The back said, "I guess they just sucked for 85 years." Me likey.

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