Monday, April 02, 2007

a dulaan dulaan a dulaan dulaan

(Are those flowers plastic? They just keep going and going...)

Saturday morning, I'm about to head into the city for class and a potentially confrontational meeting. This is not the time to pack knitting that requires a short-row heel. This is a time for big-ish needles, no pattern, and knitting in the round. A quick look at Ann Budd, a guess at gauge and needles, and the skein of SWS from the Yarn Harlot Represents is all it takes. At the end of the weekend, the Dulaan hat is complete. It's sized for the 18 months-4 year old head, which wasn't well represented in my Dulaan collection thus far.

I'm not sure how I feel about the SWS, though. The colors have a lovely sheen, and self-striping yarns are a lot of fun... but. There are places with hardly any twist, and I often found myself jabbing a needle right through the yarn. I think it will look better after a wash, but I'm not sure that I would want to do a whole sweater with it. (Yikes: I have a six-pack of a different colorway in the stash.) One final thing: the label recommends a size 9 needle. I know that I knit loose, but on a size 7, the stockinette is quite loosy-goosey. I'm hoping that disappears in the wash too.

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