Friday, April 06, 2007

happy spring!

Happy spring, everyone!

Last weekend we went to the Stone Barns Center for Sustainable Agriculture for lunch with M&E, to celebrate M's successful defense of her dissertation! Yay, you! Happily, there also was a sheep-shearing going on in one of the barns, so we got to chat with some spinners and watch the fleeces come off the sheep. I'm sure that I'd seen this years ago, but it was really fascinating to watch it again.

After hanging out in the barn, and visiting the pigs and chickens, M and I went back to their house and knit for a while. So great, and I can't wait to do it again soon! Just about a month until I'm done with school...

Oh, and the name of Stone Barns' sheepdog? STELLA. STELLA! How great is that?

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~Kristie said...

Looks like fun! I'd love to see that in person too and I can see why it made you want to knit afterwards.