Sunday, April 22, 2007

happy earth day!

I celebrated Earth Day by going to the New York Botanical Gardens... where I edited a paper, until my pen ran out of ink. True story. Pens do die, and it's when you are peacefully settled under towering pine trees with daffodils waving in the distance and a lovely breeze blowing. And then you have to get up, walk to the gift shop, and pay a horrible sum for a pen with "NYBG" on it.

But there was a primrose theater, so it wasn't all bad.

And the Thinking Dress is ready to be sewn up! And have lots of edging.

BUT: my thesis paper was accepted by my advisor, so no more revisions there. Appendices, bibliography: yes, but no more writing. I can totally do that.


Brenda said...

Congratulations on getting the text of your thesis done!

The dress looks great!

Happy Earth Day!

~Kristie said...

Yeah for no more revisions! I'm so thrilled for you that your paper is complete... BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!