Sunday, April 08, 2007

baby blanket fini!

It's done! Sometimes, 784 square inches of stockinette is just what you need. And I feel great about my 28 inches of beautiful mattress stitch, too. Just lovely. I did learn that Cotton-Ease isn't meant for seaming. After just about three inches, the yarn started spliting apart. No worries here, since the colors changed pretty frequently and there was always another end to grab. I'll estimate that the whole blanket took just about three skeins of Cotton-Ease (600 yards or so).

This means that I still have waaaaaaay too much Cotton-Ease in my stash, but I've got three more upcoming projects planned for this yarn, so that should help cut down on the bulk. I want to search out the new colors of Cotton-Ease and see how they look, because it seems like you can never have too much!

(This is pitiful.)

Side note: I wasn't sure we needed to go for the HD TV when we had to replace our 14 year old set a couple of weeks ago. HD channels are free with our cable package, but I wondered how different the picture would be. I've discovered where it's AMAZING: Yankees games in HD. The grass is such a beautiful bright green, and I can see each and every snowflake showering Derek Jeter. This is close to being there, but not nearly so cold... and I can knit without fear.


~Kristie said...

That is absolutely beautiful! WOW! Your stitches are so perfectly even too. How'd you do that knitting in cotton? I don't even knit that evenly in a cotton blend for heaven's sake.

By the way, none of my Easter gifts made it in the mail last week (including your yarn prize obviously), so I'll be mailing it tomorrow. sorry :-(

Claire said...

I like it. Very hip and fun, and thank god not a baby blue or pink. It's time babies got real colors in their gear.

Peter and Tiffany said...

I want everyone to know that Abby made this blanket for my son Cole. It is now his "bougie" he calls it. This blanket is his best friend and sleeps with him always, helps him when he gets a boo-boo and is there with him always. Best blanket ever!!!!

Abby - Thank you again. Love it... By the way, any chance you have any duplicates we could buy? It has definately seen better days and we are actually worried of it disappearing it is so worn. :)
Love, Tiffany, Peter and Cole

Jay said... for Cole's blankie, if you would be willing to share your pattern and let me know where to get the exact yarn and colors, I would be willing to try my hand at making him a new one. Of course, it would have to be exactly the same. I am not as good as you, but do love to knit some easier patterns.....Jay (alias-Cole's Nana)