Sunday, April 15, 2007

overheard in new york

Tourist couple, speeding down a street within Rockefeller Center, away from a crappy, overpriced tourist restaurant.

Woman: But my sister went there and said it was wonderful!
Man: Exactly!

They continued into the night.

Earlier in the day, I got to see one of my favorite NYC sites.

The return of the union rat! I love the very long tail (so realistic!) and beady eyes. This was only the 10' rat, but I've seen them bigger.

Grad school is almost over, and when not writing and editing as fast as I can, I got a little knitting done. This is the back of Miss Bea's Thinking Dress (in Cotton-Ease, of course). The hard part, with the big cable up the front, comes next, but it's going to be much slower going. I love this series of books, and can't wait to start the next project from them.

The final exciting thing to report is that more purging took place this morning. It's feeling really good to get rid of stuff. Hubby went to ask the maintanence guys for some big, strong garbage bags, and after he dragged the full bags back downstairs, he was asked if we were throwing out any wine. We have quite a notorious reputation, I guess. But Hubby brought him a bottle from his stash for the help.

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~Kristie said...

I guess I got lucky in never seeing a rat in NYC, but I definitely saw them in New Orleans .. ICK.

You're in the home stretch now. I can't wait until your graduation! I'm so excited for your commencement at Yankee stadium!!!!!!!