Thursday, June 14, 2007

for my next trick...sewing!

I made my first purchase from Superbuzzy a few weeks ago, with the great intention of getting my sewing machine out of deep storage and making some tote bags for summer. I love the Marimekko-like pear fabric. The brown fabric is going to be lined with the fabric from a simple bag I bought years ago in New Haven. The top of the bag was starting to fray, so I chopped it up, and it will live a second happy life in a small tote for holding my wallet, phone, and keys for those quick trips to the store and library. The striped fabric is going to be a new kitchen curtain... eventually. (The Superbuzzy service was excellent, and came with a green tea candy!)


Claire said...

Geez, aren't you talented enough already? Master's degree, knitting... I give up. ;)

Brenda said...

Very pretty fabrics, Abby! I look forward to seeing your tote! Have a great weekend!

~Kristie said...

Good for you! My sewing machine and serger are in deep storage and my husband won't let me get them out. He says I have enough hobbies for now. Little does he know when we move, they're coming back in the house!

I'm excited to see all the great things you're going to make. Sewing is definitely quicker than knitting!