Friday, June 15, 2007

slightly grubby

(Please look only at the lovely wedding-favor violets, and not the slightly grubby window sill.)

A quick post to wish everyone a happy weekend! I finished a sock yesterday, and cast on the second immediately. It's Wildfoote yarn, and my first from Charlotte Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks - the Garter Rib. I'm not crazy about the yarn, and have two more skeins in my stash! What to do?


~Kristie said...

Oh no! Yarn in your stash you don't like? Say it isn't so! Why don't you like it? I think the sock turned out nice!

Brenda said...

The sock looks great! I've knit with Wildfoote. It's not the nicest to knit with as it is very thin, but it wears like iron and is comfortable on my feet. I have some in my stash which I intend to knit into easy patterns that will knit up pretty quickly so I get the socks with the least amount of effort.