Thursday, June 28, 2007

it's a mystery

Yarn keeps arriving at my home, in spite of my Knit From Your Stash pledge. But I decided to participate in Mystery Stole 3 this summer (no idea why, really; I'm generally not a joiner) and didn't have the projected 1200 yards of laceweight in a very dark or very light color, so I had to go shopping.

I ordered some Knit Picks' Shadow in Vineyard (and some other things I wanted to try, since I could add them to the order without increasing the shipping charge), and then some Lane Borgosesia Cashwool in Charcoal from the Loopy Ewe (shown on right). In the middle is the the laceweight I picked up at the Renegade Craft Fair from Traveling Rhinos. I haven't swatched either contender for MS3, nor purchased the beads, or anything else except delete the thousands of emails I've received from participants on the Yahoo group. Ah, well: summer is young.

And speaking of summer, Hubby and I made a Strawberry-Basil cocktail last weekend (makes two): Take six strawberries and four large basil leaves and toss in the bottom of your shaker. Add two teaspoons of sugar. With the wrong end of a wooden spoon, commence muddling. When everything is nice and mushy, add four ounces of gin and ice. Then shake, pour, garnish with more basil, and enjoy!


Brenda said...

Beautiful yarns! The free shipping can be an evil enabler I've found.

The cocktail sounds good! Very refreshing for summer. I'll have to show the recipe to M.

~Kristie said...

Great stash enhancement!! Have you been working on your mystery stole yet?

YUMMY cocktail and perfect for strawberry season too!