Friday, June 08, 2007

friday listage

1. The New York Botantical Garden's Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden was in full bloom last weekend. It was almost too overwhelming to be right there, so we retreated to a bench on a nearby hill. I think that a quilt in greens and grays, with small bits of very warm colors, would be really beautiful.

2. Taking a walk on a new path, I got to see a highlight of the spring in the suburbs: baby geese! I couldn't get too close, because the parent geese are quite protective of the little ones. (See that one holding back a bit?) A few years ago, while walking along the traffic circle at the train station one spring morning, I saw a goose family trying to make there way from the center of the circle over to the river. Parent Goose knew that s/he just had to bolt across the lines of traffic, but the baby geese weren't so sure. Cars, buses, and evil SUVs zip around the circle really quickly. I then did the only thing I could think of: I became a goose-herder. Parent Goose wasn't really sure what was going on, and started back to squwack at me, but the kiddies understood and waddled over to the river while I held back traffic. People on the train think that I'm a very strange person, what with the goose-herding and knitting.

3. And tomorrow is Knit-In-Public-Day, and I'll knit away before the wedding we are attending upstate. I've got two socks with me for the trip!

4. Ribby Shell is blocking and drying after a soak in Soak. That yarn takes a good long time to dry. Action shots when we get back on Sunday! Have a good weekend!

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Brenda said...

Very good of you to herd the geese! Have a great weekend!