Friday, January 25, 2008

injecting some color

It seems like the blogosphere has been pretty dark and dreary lately; lots of people effected by SAD, which I completely understand! So I wanted to share some bright and perky projects that are on tap for the next couple of months. There are babies coming! As usual! And so it's time to start thinking about baby blankets.

This pile of color should cure what ails you! I'm thinking that this yarn will make a nice Moderne Baby Blanket type thing; lots of little bits to add some splashes of color, and there will be nice contrast for the little eyes that can't quite see stuff as we do.

There will also be an all-red blanket (the Hemlock Ring Throw, perhaps?), and an all-sage green blanket too. I need to go through Ravelry and look for ideas. I'd prefer something reverseable, and it needs to be a pattern that can be knit in cotton blends... what shall I do?


Klozter said...

Love those colors! Thanks for stopping by my blog; I laughed when I saw your title, how fun! I also gave up on MS3, it's aging gracefully in the stash. I'll check in again.

Anonymous said...

Ravelry must have some good ideas. I really don't knit baby blankets, so unfortunately I'm not any help.

Good idea flashing your beautiful bright colored yarns. They definitely are very spring-like and have got to cheer someone up!