Tuesday, January 15, 2008

what's up with the OCD knitting?

Despite my earlier comments on not getting too involved in one large project right now, because of other-life circumstances, I seem to have fallen into knitting multiples of one little project.

Here are three pairs of Maine Morning Mitts from Clara Parkes’ new book: two knit in Ella Rae Palmero, and one (the purple on the right) in The Fiber Company’s Terra. I had plenty of yarn from the Ella Rae, and about a yard left over from the hank of Terra, so I was freaking out. But all was fine, and I love them dearly.

This morning I woke up and thought, “I’d love to wear the Cash Iro Hourglass Sweater today!” Of course, I’ve only got half a sleeve done, so it wasn’t a really practical thought. However, I’m considering ripping the sleeve back, because Pixie from the Ready, Set, Knit podcast recommended knitting turned hems on a needle two sizes smaller than the rest of the garment. I hadn’t known this, and now am concerned about bulky hems. Further, I’m still uncertain about my gauge, so I think that a trip to the frog pond may be in order. Half a sleeve is certainly a good sized gauge swatch, so I think that after some careful measuring, I can make a wise decision.


Brenda said...

Lovely mitts--the colors are really pretty! Good luck on the sweater sleeve decisions.

~Kristie said...

Those are beautiful!! It's definite pattern-love when you knit it more than once.

Decisions, decisions ... I'd definitely stick with what Pixie is saying. That woman seems to know her stuff!