Tuesday, January 22, 2008

nearly february

I've picked up the Elizabeth Zimmerman February Baby Sweater again. On Saturday, we had to bail on a dinner party because of Hubby's pretty bad cold (he's much better now, so skipping the party was clearly a good idea), and I found myself with some extra hours for knitting! I decided that the garter stitch yoke of the sweater as written in the pattern was too, too huge, and ripped the whole thing out. I'm now at the point where I start the sleeve, and think this little sweater is going to be pretty darn cute (in Mirasol Cotanni, a merino/cotton blend).

Sadly, I'm pretty certain that I'm going to run out of yarn before I reach the end, and thus have to buy more. I was really trying to not buy any yarn until the BIG SURPRISE I'M KEEPING FROM YOU* is resolved, but now have purchased a skein of Koigu for the swirly socks and will need to buy another for this sweater. It's not bad: $20 to finish two projects, but it's the principle of the thing.

*The BIG SURPRISE does not involve me getting bigger. Of course, I'm a stress eater, so that may happen anyway, but the BIG SURPRISE does not mean that there's a schedule for me gaining weight. Just sayin'.

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~Kristie said...

I've not tried that baby sweater yet. I'm waiting for people to start getting pregnant or something.

Are you getting a spinning wheel? Are you moving? Is it knitting-related, career-related or home-related?