Saturday, January 26, 2008

movin right along

Turns out, I really like how these socks are coming out! The rosy pink is a great compliment to the swirls, and a much better idea than the brown that I'd picked out originally. Thank you, Laurie! The second one is coming along nicely, and I might have two pairs of socks done in the month of January!

Tonight we are heading to Brooklyn for a going away party. Some dear friends are moving to Budapest, which is very far away. Lovely city and all, but so very far away. And they are taking their lovely little one away, too - she who adores this blanket

and looks adorable in this dress.

I pitifully begged to come over early so I could play a bit, one last time, before she goes to sleep and the party starts. She just had her second birthday last week, and talks like a five-year-old. Her verbal acuity isn't that surprising if you consider her most excellent parents. But I'm very sad that I probably won't see them for a few years (given our own BIG SURPRISE). Things change, we get older*, and life continues along. I'm gonna miss you guys.

*Where did that come from?


Mintyfresh said...

your own big surprise??? like, will you be knitting tiny things soon?

and hey--I quit my soul-sucking job so now I'm unemployed and working freelance. We could do lunch sometime!

Anonymous said...

Everything is so beautiful!! I especially like the blanket.