Friday, February 08, 2008

bits of hourglass

The sleeves are done! The sleeves are done!

Now I just have to knit the entire body. There are many, many stitches required to make it all the way around my torso. But we don’t have too much planned for the weekend, so I might hopefully make some good progress.

Tomorrow’s big adventure is going to be test driving (what may be) our new car: the Smart. I will be taking lots of pictures (while Hubby drives). Can’t wait to tell you about it!


Mintyfresh said...

It just occurred to me that we had that great lunch and forgot to take a picture! what bad bloggers we are.

Go you with a Smart car!

Claire said...

Smart car, so cool! But if I ever come visit you again, where will I sit? (Or is that the 'cross that bridge when we get to it' problem? ;)
Tell us how it drives! I still wonder if I should learn how to drive stick just to get a Mini. (The automatic isn't quite as zippy on the pick-up.)

Anonymous said...

what's the Smart? I can't wait to hear about it.

So you've left Sleeve Island already. You'll be done with that in no time!

Brenda said...

Sleeves seem to take forever, so I'm glad you have them done! Yay!