Friday, February 22, 2008

snow day

New York finally got its first big snowfall today. I'd already planned to take a personal day from work, to go in for a physical and drive Hubby to the airport in the afternoon. Well, I made it to the doctor's office, and enjoyed a leisurely visit with her, as none of her other patients were going to brave the roads. For most, it was probably a good idea, as this county isn't able to plow their roads well at all. For example, I saw a salting and sanding truck go by, immediately followed by a plow. Wouldn't you think it makes a lot more sense to get the snow off the road, and then put down the salt to melt the ice and sand to provide traction?

But my visit to Trader Joe's was great; there were fully stocked shelves and hardly any people!

Of course, Hubby isn't flying out this evening. The airline called at 1am to let us know that his flight was cancelled because the airplane wouldn't be able to make it into Newark. I fear that the airport is going to be a mess tomorrow, too, but he has far more patience than I do, so it's really working out that I'm staying home for this trip.

Today's my snow day, and I'm staying home to knit. The apartment is pretty cold for some reason. I've got my Clapotis wrapped around my neck, and pulled up over my nose. Too bad we gave away our space heater last weekend.

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guiltypleasures said...

Although it can cause some travel and warmth issues, isn't snow beautiful?

Try to stay warm. Knit faster!