Wednesday, February 20, 2008

weekend adventures

I think I've written about my and Hubby's inability to be spontanious on our travels (and in general, I supposed, since this wasn't really travel per se). Sunday morning we were trying to decide what to do for breakfast, and Hubby decided that we should call up the BIL and SIL and make a dim sum run to Chinatown. We made it into the City without any problems, but getting downtown proved rather difficult. At some point, BIL said, "The Chinese New Year is celebrated for 10 days, right?" Fairly soon, we determined that Yes, Indeed there were parades and celebrations going on, and we were having a beast of a time finding a place to park (even in a parking lot).

Our first choice dim sum house had a line of about 30 people out the door; the second place was closed. But we lucked into another place that Hubby had heard of, and we ended up having a great meal.

We've been doing a lot of cleaning out to prepare for the move, and I found my very first laptop, circa 1993:

It's SO heavy, and the screen is about 5" high. But it's adorable! I couldn't locate the power cord and should probably chuck it, but think that it's going to stick around until the last possible moment.


Claire said...

Herman! Herman, right? That was your laptop's name. Nice to see an old friend again. Do you still have the knitted laptop cozy you'd made for him?

Brenda said...

I can't believe you have your laptop from 1993! It is very cute though. I bet its hard drive is very tiny.

Great pictures of Chinatown.

guiltypleasures said...

Thank goodness your dim sum adventures finally worked out. It's neat to see the photos of Chinatown.

That reminds me a bit of my first laptop. I can't believe you still have yours. So funny.